Mailing list members are people that have registered for a given list to get regular emails, including weekly newsletters. In case the mailing list management software app that is used to manage the mailing list permits it, you can also include members manually, but in this case such messages may be looked upon as being unsolicited and reported as spam by the recipients. Ordinarily, these mailing list members can unsubscribe from a list by clicking on a link in the email messages they get, or you, being the mailing list moderator, can remove them manually if they make such a request or in case you reach the decision that some of the mailing list members should not be part of the mailing list anymore. Each member will view only their email address in the "To" section of the email messages they receive, but not the addresses of the remaining mailing list members.

Mailing List Members in Website Hosting

If you have a website hosting with our company and you create an Internet mailing list, you will be able to manage the subscribers effortlessly. You don’t even have to log into your Hepsia hosting Control Panel, as you can accomplish everything via email from any place whatsoever. By sending email messages with particular commands to, you’ll gain access to an abundance of options offered by our popular Majordomo software. You can see a full list of all existing mailing list members, or if needed – you can include/remove members. If you add a new mailbox, the user will receive a notification and will have to confirm that they wish to be included in the list. Removing a mailing list subscriber is also rather easy – you’ll just have to send a message to the administrator address pertaining to the particular mailing list.